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Look no further, we are specialists in Costa del Sol real estate, with the largest portfolio, comprehensive service and legal support.


Your real estate journey is more than a transaction to us; it’s a partnership built on trust. With over two decades of customer service experience and years in real estate, we prioritize honesty, integrity, confidentiality and ensure that your experience is smooth and secure. 

We understand that navigating the real estate market in a foreign country, with a language you don’t speak, a different legal system, and unfamiliar culture, can be daunting. That’s why we are here to provide you with the assurance and confidence you need.

~ Lucie Sprenarova, CEO & Founder


Find Your Dream Home

Your dream home is more than just a property; it’s where life happens, memories are made, and futures are built. Let us partner with you in making your property aspirations a living reality.

Golf Properties
€ 2.795.000

Villa Tira, Marbella

320 m2
€ 350.000

Mala Kai Resort, Estepona

115 m2
New Development
€ 360.000

Acqua Gardens, Estepona

119 m2
Golf Properties
€ 790.000

SUN LIFE, Marbella

210 m2
Golf Properties
€ 485.000

Bon Air, Casares

111 m2
New Development
€ 1.850.000

Finca de Jasmine, Benahavis

273 m2


Our comprehensive and customized service guides you through every step of the property buying process. From property search and viewings, to price negotiations. We also collaborate with an experienced law office that ensures a smooth and legally sound transaction. Our commission is paid by the seller or developer, this means our expert assistance and your peace of mind comes without any cost.


Our collaboration with experienced law office ensures you receive complete legal advice, representation throughout the process, and protection of your rights. The legal team verifies that the property has no outstanding debts and possesses all necessary documentation and permits. They also review contracts, handle payment processing, and sign documents on your behalf. Additionally, they assist with transferring utility and other service contracts.


As your primary contact on the Costa del Sol, we are committed to providing exceptional after-sale support and services. Our offerings include property management and rentals, ensuring your investment is well taken care of and generates income. Additionally, we provide recommendations for skilled craftsmen, designers, and other professionals. Our aim is to meet all your needs, extending even to everyday tips, ensuring your experience is as hassle-free as possible. 


Property Categories

Your preferences can be diverse and unique, whether you’re looking for a garden apartment, a new development with the latest technology, or a luxury villa, in our portfolio you will find properties of all categories. You can be sure to find your second home or your next profitable investment on the Costa del Sol.



Your lifestyle defines you; shouldn’t your home do the same? Whether you love living right by the beach, enjoy golf, or seek luxury, we’re here to match your way of life with a property.

Home is where your life comes into focus, where you can truly be yourself. Whatever home means to you, we're by your side every step of the way, leveraging our expertise to help you find it.



Let us help you find a home that truly resonates with you. Don’t settle for ordinary; browse below to explore our exceptional listings now. How about Dolce & Gabbana, Lamborghini or Fendi design? Take a look at our range of exceptional properties.

€ 3.249.000

Penthouse Nueva Andalucia, Marbella

290 m2
€ 1.650.000

EARTH, Marbella

160 m2
€ 2.250.000

Penthouse Byu Hills, Benahavis

151 m2
€ 8.000.000

Exquisite Penthouse at Emare, Estepona

674 m2
€ 5.200.000

Villa Finca Cortesin, Casares

647 m2


At LUCKY SOL, we provide first-class service that sets us apart from the competition on Costa del Sol. Our clients are our top priority, and we go above and beyond to not only meet, but exceed their expectations. Leveraging our local expertise, we offer tailored service to ensure the most efficient process for buying, selling, or renting a property. Join our satisfied clients by contacting us today.


Discover the magic of Costa del Sol, a destination that has quickly gained worldwide acclaim. With over 320 sunny days a year, it’s considered to have Europe’s best year-round climate. Costa del Sol is the ideal choice for everyone. Our detailed guide will introduce you to its many unique attractions and locations such as Malaga, Marbella, Estepona, Sotogrande, and more than 70 golf courses—including world-renowned ones like Finca Cortesin Golf and Valderrama Golf, considered the best in Europe. Find out why Costa del Sol is the perfect place for your property investment by clicking the button below.


Dreaming of owning property on the sunny shores of Costa del Sol? Our comprehensive guide walks you through the entire buying process, from selecting the perfect location and type of property to navigating financing and legal matters, all the way to the final signing of the purchase agreement.




The Costa del Sol offers a range of captivating locations to suit all tastes. Marbella boasts luxury, high standards, and a vibrant nightlife. Estepona charms with its traditional Andalusian style, and for those in search of tranquility and world-class golf courses, Sotogrande is the perfect choice. These are just three of our favorite locations; click the button below to discover them all.



The Costa del Sol offers a range of captivating locations to suit all tastes. Marbella boasts luxury, high standards, and a vibrant nightlife. Estepona charms with its traditional Andalusian style, and for those in search of tranquility and world-class golf courses, Sotogrande is the perfect choice. These are just three of our favorite locations; click the button below to discover them all.


We offer properties along the entire Costa del Sol in Spain (in the Málaga region, which includes cities like MarbellaEsteponaBenahavísSotograndeCasaresManilvaMijasFuengirola, Benalmádena, Nerja). It’s important to mention that, unlike in many other countries, agencies here share all listings. This means we have access to all properties on the Costa del Sol and can assist you in purchasing them.

The process and laws here differ greatly from those in other countries, and that’s exactly why you need a reliable partner like us to guide you through the entire process. For more information, you can visit our page about the property buying process.

Our services for buyers are completely free, as we are paid by the seller or developer. Additionally, we provide charged post-sale services, such as assistance with renovations, property managementrentals, etc. For sellers, our compensation is based on a commission model, which can vary from property to property. This commission covers all costs associated with marketing and the actual sale of the property.

We live on the Costa del Sol in Spain year-round, which means we are in daily contact with other real estate agencies, developers, and sellers. 

We offer a wide range of additional services. These include legal and financial support, as well as post-sale services that encompass property management, securing and managing rentals, assistance with renovations, and also recommendations for verified professionals, including architects, designers, and many others. Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions that cover all of our clients’ real estate needs.

Living and working on the Costa del Sol year-round gives us an in-depth understanding of the local real estate market, legal standards, traditions, and other aspects. However, our knowledge extends even further – into daily life. We consider everything you might need for life here – from the best shopping spots to schools for your children, cultural and leisure activities, and other aspects that might not initially occur to you. We are informed about planned projects, infrastructure development, and important aspects of different districts, including understanding the availability of services or potential future changes in the area. This deep knowledge allows us to provide unmatched services and select the best properties for our clients, considering their real needs and desires.

The price of resale (second-hand) properties is always set by the seller. For this reason, it’s important to have a good real estate partner who will assist you with negotiations. Since we are active in the market every day, we understand the behavior of various sellers (for example, based on their nationality) and we know which types of properties have more room for negotiation. We also know which property factors we can emphasize during negotiations to secure the best price and terms for you, our client.

Regarding developer projects, the price is always set by the developer and there is no room for negotiation. Some real estate agencies may promise negotiations with the developer, but this is not the case. Developers wish to maintain a fair approach to all, and therefore everyone must pay the same price. Discounts are not possible, even if a buyer wishes to purchase multiple properties within one project.

It’s important to note that different prices may be listed on various web portals. This could be due to different update times. However, in the end, the price is always the same, and the real estate office has no authority to change the price.

During construction, the prices of developer projects usually increase. There is one exceptional situation where a developer can reduce the price, and that is if the project is already completed and there are still units for sale.

Another important piece of information is that developers do not offer discounts to buyers who do not use the services of a real estate agency; the price is always the same, whether with our help or without. But without it, you lose many benefits.

The time required to process a property purchase can depend on many factors, but after the first consultation with you, we will start by sending you a portfolio of selected properties. We place great emphasis on the careful selection of properties, which is reflected in the enthusiasm of our clients who are often ready to come for viewings as soon as we send them the portfolio. In such cases, the process can be very quick; if a client decides to purchase and reserves the property, the entire transaction can be completed within a month, though it’s more standard to close the deal within 2 months. Unlike in many other countries, in Spain, you become the owner immediately after signing the ownership document, and you don’t have to wait for the entry in the land registry. The most important thing is for the client to come for property viewings as soon as possible and to familiarize themselves with the location. We do not pressure any client into anything, but the market on the Costa del Sol is very dynamic, and quality properties sell very quickly. Thus, what is available at the moment we send you the offer may not be available if you decide to wait longer before coming to view the properties.



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An upscale outdoor pool area with a row of stylish gray sun loungers shaded by large white umbrellas. The pool has a rectangular design and is surrounded by neatly trimmed hedges and a variety of lush palm trees. A stone wall feature with an integrated seating area is visible in the background, creating a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere.

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