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Welcome to Fuengirola, an energetic coastal town on the Costa del Sol. Known for its bustling seafront promenade, diverse culinary scene, and lively marketplaces, Fuengirola is a place where activity and relaxation find a unique balance. This guide will give you a snapshot of what the town has to offer.



Fuengirola distinguishes itself with its convenient amenities and attractions, all within easy reach. The town is compact enough to explore on foot yet offers a wide range of services, from modern shopping centers to an array of watersports, making it a practical choice for both visitors and residents alike.

The weather

Fuengirola enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate. While it may lack the microclimate found in nearby areas, its agreeable weather ensures a comfortable living experience.


Fuengirola’s seven-kilometer coastline is a huge attraction, with multiple beaches that suit all tastes. From family-friendly spots to more secluded areas, Fuengirola offers a beach for every preference.

Fuengirola Beach


From traditional Spanish eateries to international cuisine, Fuengirola offers a culinary experience that caters to all palates. Nightlife is also vibrant, with numerous bars, clubs, and theaters offering a range of options for evening entertainment.


While Fuengirola itself may not be a golfing mecca, it’s conveniently located near several excellent golf courses in the Costa del Sol region, providing ample opportunities for enthusiasts to indulge in the sport.


Fuengirola’s property market is diverse and accessible, providing a range of options from apartments to townhouses. Those looking for more space can find villas a short distance from the center. The area has a mix of older properties and new developments, making it versatile for investment.

Fuengirola New Developments


The real estate scene in Fuengirola is growing, with an increase in new developments that cater to a broad investor audience. These developments are particularly gaining attention due to their modern amenities and strategic locations.


Getting around Fuengirola is easy with its efficient public transport network. However, renting a car is often recommended for those who wish to explore the surrounding areas more freely.

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